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Mission Statement

                                            FAIRFIELD HIGH PREPARATORY SCHOOL BAND BOOSTERS CLUB
                                                                        MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                       (Adopted August 1992)
It is the mission of the Fairfield High Preparatory School Band Boosters Club to assist the Band Director and school system in providing our students with the best music education possible. It is our desire to provide support morally, physically, and financially to accomplish this objective.

We also desire to expose and apprise all of our children to the many opportunities available to them through participation in the music program and commit ourselves to the task of assisting those less fortunate to also participate and enjoy it's benefits.

We pledge to promote a spirit of fellowship and goodwill with all areas of the school and at all times encourage our children to be the best ambassadors possible for FAIRFIELD HIGH PREPARATORY SCHOOL.
Address:  Fairfield High Preparatory School
                  610 Valley Rd
                  Fairfield, AL 35064

Fairfield Board of Education
Fairfield, Alabama